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Meet Freelance Illustrator and Artist Paula Joerling

It’s 10-10-10time. I hope you’re enjoying these glimpses into the lives of these inspiring + artistic + biz-savvy ladies! There are a total of 8 ladies (including myself) this time around, so we have 1 day left in this series (just me!) after today. Now, it’s time to meet Paula Joerling!

Name of Business: Paula Joerling Studio

Links: Blog - FacebookEtsy Hand Made
Etsy Vintage
Years in Business:
I have been a freelance artist in one form or another for 30 years. I have been a freelance illustrator for about 8 years.

Brief Bio:

I am a freelance illustrator living in Atlanta Georgia. My designs are primarily used for the gift and tabletop industry. Typically, I work in watercolor and collage and enjoy incorporating fabric, stitched paper and found objects in my art.
A Glimpse At Paula's Artwork:

Question: Is it necessary for your business to line up with your soul purpose? What value is there to having that aligned?
I guess for me, it is. I have had odd jobs here and there and it never feels…

Meet the founder of the 10-10-10 project: Robin Norgren

Robin Norgren is the mastermind behind the 10-10-10 project I’ve been sharing on the blog this week.  She’s also an artist, life coach, mama, wife and so much more. Robin is courageous (did I mention she is a military wife?) and not afraid to live for what she believes in.  She's also one of the hardest workers I've come across in a long time.  Never giving up, always finding a way, always open to looking at things in a different way. Having faith, staying positive and even encouraging others during these times are also part of Robin's norm.   It’s time to share her response to my 10-10-10 question.  If you’ve missed any of the other 10-10-10 posts on my blog, I’ve included links at the end of the post. 

Name of business: Robin Norgren Studios
Social media links:
WebsiteTwitter - Facebook
Years in business: 4 years

Brief Bio: I strive to live life to the fullest.  No matter what.  I have grown into myself through my love for Jesus and HIS LOVE FOR ME. Art, motherhood, busine…

Meet Shari Sherman: 10-10-10 Project Day 5

It’s 10-10-10 time. I hope you’re enjoying these glimpses into the lives of these inspiring + artistic + biz-savvy ladies! There are a total of 8 ladies (including myself) this time around, so we have 4 days left in this series. Meet Shari Sherman!

Name of Business:  Hula Dog Designs by Shari Sherman

Social Media Links:

Years in Business:  Hula Dog Designs by Shari Sherman, was started in 2010.  Prior to that, I created art as Island Girl Studio, LLC since 2004. 

Brief Bio: 
  I make Happy Art for Happy People!  I love that thrill of getting an idea and making it come to life.  I love bright colors (especially turquoise!), strong simple lines, and adding words of inspiration to my art.  I like mixed-media because it is limitless, but painting will always be my first love.  My subject matter frequently includes dogs, books, and anything related to the ocean/beach, because that is what I LOVE.  People often smile when they see my art, and I fee…

10-10-10 Project: Valerie Weller of Twig 2 Nest Studio

Day four of the 10-10-10 project is here! I've asked each of the participants the same question, and am sharing their answers with you here. Today I'm honored to be featuring Valerie Weller of Twig 2 Nest Studio. 

Valerie's Business Links:
BlogEtsyWebsite (launching soon) – Pinterest Facebook
30 years in the business of art and graphic design
About Valerie: Valerie Weller considers herself an art creator, a lover of color, and a seeker…. She has spent most of her life as a graphic designer with a fine art background, yet in the past few years, has been transitioning into developing & creating her own body of work. Her dream is to create, paint, and share her process full time. 
Passionate about color, Valerie works in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media. She holds a BA degree in art with a minor in education. After a solid thirty years of running a successful freelance graphic design business, she is now transitioning to create "part two" of her artis…

10-10-10 Project: Meet Stephanie Guimond

Day three of the 10-10-10 project is here! I've asked each of the participants the same question, and am sharing their answers with you here. Today I'm honored to be featuring Stephanie Guimond - Artist, visionary, avid left-brainer. 

Name of business:

Stephanie Guimond - Artist, visionary, avid left-brainer

Social media links:
Blog - Etsy - Facebook - Twitter - Artist Profile

I'm Stephanie Guimond, artist, visionary and avid left-brainer. I paint, I dream big and I love spreadsheets.

In 2008 I picked up a paint brush for the first time since kindergarten and haven't put it down since. My art, like myself, varies in style and personality from the vintage girly to the unexplainable abstract. The most common theme is visibly the feminine, but I'm always exploring...

Working with materials like acrylics, paper, pastels and ink, I'm drawn to an intuitive and fluid approach to painting where images appear organically before being polished into a finished product. Bec…

10-10-10 Project: Meet Phyllis Dobbs

Day two of the 10-10-10 project is here! I've asked each of the participants the same question, and am sharing their answers with you here. Today I'm honored to be featuring Phyllis Dobbs of Phyllis Dobbs Art & Design. 

If you're interested in reading my own answers to the other 10-10-10 questions, two of my features were posted yesterday - first on Shari's blog here (I answered, "What animal would represent the first year of my business?") and then on Stephanie's blog here (I answered, "Do you have a business mentor? What value does that offer to your experiences as a business owner?"). 

Now, onto Phyllis' feature!

Business Name - Phyllis Dobbs Art & Design
Started business as - Lucky Duck Designs

Blog - Website - Facebook - Zazzle - Zazzle for Businesses
Years in business
- 28
Brief Bio As an artist, I create art for licensing on products in the textile, gift and home goods industry. In textiles, I have designed fabric collections …

10-10-10 Project: Meet Dani Keith

You may recall I shared the 10-10-10 project with you just a few weeks ago. The time has come to begin sharing these goodness-filled posts with you! Allow me to introduce Dani Keith...

artist name: dani keith
business name: {dani keith designs} years in business: 2
blog: shop: facebook: twitter: @danikeithartist
brief bio: maker of pretty things. grower of dreams. catalyst for creativity.
dani keith has been creating for a lifetime. in the spring of 2010 she was set up on a blind date with metalsmithing, and she says it was instant, true and deep love at first fuzing! {dk} is constantly evolving, and dani is genuinely excited to see where each turn takes her.
artist statement: "I find the beauty in the simple geometry of shape and transform metal into a story that the wearer wants to be apart of"
Is it necessary for your business to line up with your soul purpose? What value is…

Featured App: Postcard on the Run

Do you find yourself snapping photos with your iPhone? I often take my phone with me on my morning walk to snap photos of my roses and the pond. 

I’m sharing an app review with you today for “Postcard on the Run.”  Tune into the short and sweet video below for the details, as well as the usual app rundown below.  If you’re new to my app reviews, here is a link to others I’ve blogged about. 
Video (written review below as well)

(Video link here for those reading by email)
Name of app: Postcard on the Run

About the app:
Postcard on the Run allows you to send a personalized postcard to a friend using a photo from your phone’s photo library (or even a Facebook photo) for $1.49.  The cost covers printing and mailing the postcard - and you never even went to your mailbox (smile).

What I love most:
I love the convenience of the app.  In my ideal world, I’d print off iphone photos and create beautiful handmade cards to mail.  The reality? I’m as busy as you are, and sometimes I have to choose betwe…

Video Tutorial: How to Truncate Posts in Blogger

I'm changing things up a bit and sharing a video tutorial in today's post.  I got a new webcam and have more free time to edit and post for you. For those that prefer written instructions, please refer to the copy below.  Hope you enjoy!

Video link here for those reading by email :)

If your blog is powered by blogger, you may have wondered if there was a way to truncate posts without changing your template entirely.  Good news! There is an easy way to truncate posts (moving forward, and you can also edit previous posts to truncate those as well if you wish). 

This tutorial will be short and sweet, because it’s just that easy! Wondering why you should bother truncating posts? It decreases load time (which may help with SEO) and may increase page views – both good things.  I came across the idea of truncating via the lovely Likely Lola here.  I’m a new reader to her blog and am enjoying it.
How to Truncate Posts in Blogger
After you’ve composed your post, decide what place is…

Five Ways to Use the New Facebook Scheduler - A Must Read!

If you are a Facebook page admin, I can’t stress enough just how HUGE my last post was for the way you “do” Facebook. 

To get your creative juices flowing, I’m sharing five ways to use the new Facebook scheduler to streamline your Facebook postings, save you time and engage your audience! Remember, you can schedule these out in advance (up to 6 months from now!) and let Facebook do the work for you while you carry on with your life.  Of course, you’ll want to stay posted on comments/likes/questions via the handy Facebook mobile page manager app. 
Here goes…
Five Ways to Use the New Schedule Feature in Facebook
Sort through a few of your favorite photos and schedule out a status update (with accompanying photo) for each.  You could call it “Flashback Friday” or “Photo Thursday”, etc.  Gather together a few testimonials/recommendations you’ve received (via LinkedIn or otherwise) and post each one as a status update over the next few months. Ask a question…