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How to Change Your Facebook Business Page Name (a Facebook Friday Post for those with 100 or fewer fans)

If you've recently created a Facebook business page and/or have fewer than 100 fans, you now have the option to change your facebook business page name!  I've mentioned how important it is to "name with care" when it comes to your facebook business page.  In the past, once you named your facebook business page, you couldn't rename it later.

Here is the page on Facebook (released this week, thanks Ashley for sharing this tip) that goes over this change and a few other important ones for those of us who manage facebook business pages:

If you have a facebook business page and need to change the name (AND have fewer than 100 "fans"), here are the instructions:

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on "account", then "manage pages" on the top right
3. Select your facebook business page
4. Click on "edit page" below your business page profile picture (on the left)
5. Click…

How to Schedule Blog Posts using Blogger or (A Tutorial Thursday Post)

If you maintain a blog, you may be able to relate to the feeling of overwhelm that occasionally visits regarding the creation of good content/posts.  This feeling may a member of the “I don’t know what to post” family, or even worse, the dangerous perfectionism bug.  Perfectionism when blogging can tear away at an otherwise great post until your self-doubt sinks in.  Before you know it, you’ve wasted time find yourself getting frustrated. Here’s the lifesaver: scheduling blog posts in advance using the “schedule” feature available on blogger and/or

This tutorial is here to help us move beyond these negative feelings, and into a positive, prepared blogging mode!  Let's talk about how to schedule blog posts using blogger or  
STEP ONE – Take Time and WriteTo get started, seize the moment on a particularly creative day (when you’re feeling “in the zone”, smile) and get to writing! Don’t just write one post…write until you run out of creative energy and/or …

How to Schedule Tweets in Hootsuite (A Twitter Tuesday Post)

I haven’t always been a fan of automating tweets.  In fact, I still use automation with great care.  That said, scheduling a selected number of tweets for those days when you will not have the time/ability to be active on twitter is a real lifesaver and a great way to keep your presence on twitter when you are out-of-pocket for brief periods of time.   There are also a few other times when scheduling tweets is helpful.  We'll go over those at the end of this post.  Let's talk about how to schedule tweets in Hootsuite!
First, just a little background on why I found scheduling tweets in Hootsuite to be an important part of my social media mix...

I realized I was guilty (on occasion) of “flooding” the tweetstream of some of my followers (those following a smaller number of people).  The reason for this “flooding” was quite simple…I (like most of us) try to get as much done as possible with my time on Twitter, which comes in waves.  For example, I will often retweet, respon…

List of Top Marketing Blogs (Also included: Art, Design, Home, Style & a Little 'Sass)

One of my favorite people on Twitter (Leshanne Pretty) asked her followers if they would share their favorite blog/blogs.  She mentioned they didn't have to be "marketing/pr" related.  I have more than just a few favorites...certainly too many to mention in a tweet.  The best solution seemed to create a list here and pass it along.  You'll find that my interests range from the expected (marketing/pr/seo/design) to things that are close to my heart (art, living an inspired and simple life), with a little fun ("sass") mixed in!

I hope you find the list helpful and perhaps even find a few new favorite people to follow.

Did I miss your blog, or another noteworthy blog? Comment and I'll add to the list. :)

My Top Marketing / SEO / Design Blogs To Follow (self-promotion) http://www.trulydeep…

How to Back Up Your Social Media Accounts - A Few Resources

It's Friday and I'm feeling a little bit of excitement mixed with overwhelm regarding upcoming posts/questions in my head.  I love the interaction and feedback I get from so many of you and can't wait to roll these "big question" and personal posts in the coming weeks. For today, we'll cover something a bit less personal, but hopefully quite helpful.  Let's talk about backing up your social media accounts. :)

Have you backed up your social media accounts?  This is something I've thought about more and more as my circle of friends and followers has grown.  I've found a real sense of community via facebook and twitter, and enjoy the artists, marketers, colleagues, friends, and others I've connected with.

I'm certain I wouldn't be able to re-friend/re-follow/re-create those connections if one of my accounts were to disappear for one reason or another.  Although the chances of this happening (losing an account) may be slim, it would be deva…

How to Create A Blog or Website in 12 Easy Steps

I built a website/blog using recently. In this post, I will talk about the reasons I chose to use, as well as the process you can follow to create and customize your own blog.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I try to build & maintain a working knowledge of the most popular/widely used online website building/blogging services available online…some are free, others are paid.   Although my longtime comfort zone/preference has been to build websites using Adobe products (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, etc.), I have found that more and more clients are looking for the freedom/ability to easily manage their own content.  This is a fair request and has lead me to exploring just how much I can customize/tweak a website or blog on SquareSpace, Blogger, and now (hooray!) to give the website a professional  “look” while still offering the client the benefits of content management.  In summary, I’m mastering the art of…

How To Create a Facebook Business Page with 10 Bonus Tips (updated)

We've talked a lot about customizing your facebook business page on this blog, but I wanted to post a handy tutorial for those of you who haven't already created your facebook business page.  You'll be happy to learn that it's just a 4-step process!  We'll also be covering 10 tips for customizing your Facebook business page (recently updated)...handy info for giving your page a great customized look/feel.
How to Create A Facebook Business Page: 1. Click on “Create a Page” on bottom left-hand side of the Facebook homepage (Note: it’s important to start this process LOGGED OUT of Facebook if you do have a personal facebook page).
2. Choose from“local business", "brand/product/organization", or "artist/band/public figure” under “create a page for”, then select your business category under the drop down menu that appears.

3. Name your page, check the disclaimer box, and click “create official page” Note: Please remember that the page name you choose for…