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Two Twitter Tips to Share on this "Twitter Tuesday"

Today's "Twitter Tuesday" Tip is one you can easily execute in a manner of minutes! Let's talk about the "Who to Follow" and Similar to You" follow suggestions on Twitter. Both are great tools that are available to you via Twitter that will help you grow your network.

First, the "Similar to You" feature on Twitter: Have you noticed the "similar to you" feature on twitter? If you visit your profile (and are logged in), it's just below your following/followers numbers (example below). By default you should see 3 people below the "Similar to You" header. Click on the "view all" just next to "similar to you" and you'll find a full page of suggestions for you. Some you may already follow, but others could make great new follows!

Next, the "Who to Follow" feature on Twitter: From your "home" screen (not your "profile" screen), you should see a "Who to Follow" featu…

How to Publish Your Own Online Newspaper

Have you visited http://Paper.liyet? According to their website,

“ is a content curation service.  It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.” 

I came across many months ago but have developed an increased interest in the content sharing after being featured in a Twitter friend’s own online newspaper.  @ (Greg Shue) publishes a “#CHS #Design Daily” using, and I have been thrilled to find myself as a contributor on several occasions (example here: The best part? It’s allowed me to meet new people and has helped grow my relationship with @and others featured in his daily paper.  A few weeks ago another Twitter friend, @ashleytcaldwell, released her own daily newspaper, The Modern Connection Daily.
Today I’m walking you through the process of creating your own online newspaper.

I created three of my own da…

New Twitter Background Designs to Share

Welcome back from the 4th of July holiday! I have a few lovely Twitter backgrounds to share with you on this "Twitter Tuesday".  It's a bit late, but here are few designs I've recently completed.  Tomorrow I'll be sharing an inspirational post about my brother.  Until then, please enjoy these backgrounds. 

Today's Etiquette with Darlene Das
Darlene is new to Twitter and will be taking the Twitterverse by storm before you know it! I created a custom background to match her website.  Diane had lovely photos for me to work with, so she made my job super easy!

I feel a bit silly sharing the next background, but it's one that was in need of an update. Designers often work on their own websites and profiles last, and the same can be said about me sometimes. I updated my Twitter background recently and wanted to share it with you.

If you're interested in updating your own Twitter background, I posted a tutorial over here.  Not graphic…