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How to Make Tile Coasters in Ten Easy Steps! - {A "Twitter Tuesday" Holiday Post}

Today's "Twitter Tuesday" post is a bit of a stretch, but it was just too much fun not to share! I learned of the Charleston Craft Bee (@chscraftbee) through Twitter, so that's the connection I'm using to make this post work here (smile).  For those of you that read my jewelry blog, this was posted there last night.

I shared photos recently from the Charleston Craft Bee event I attended with Kelly and Elizabeth. The project Kelly & I chose was the tile coaster project.  I SO enjoyed making drink coasters that I decided it could be a fun handmade holiday gift project.  I love that these can be personalized and are rather inexpensive. 
I’m sharing instructions below for those who would like to make coasters. I wouldn't have known how to make these fun coasters if it weren't for the Charleston Craft Bee...please check their site out if you are in the area!  I made 9 more sets this past weekend and love how they turned out (photos below). 
Tile Coaster Proje…

How to Analyze Facebook Business Page Impressions - A "Facebook Friday" post

If you manage a facebook business page, you may have noticed new analytics posted just below each of your wall posts (example below). We’ve talked about Facebook Insights for your facebook business page before, and this new addition is quite handy!

Essentially, this is a way to measure the raw number of times your fb biz page wall post was seen either on your wall or in the news feed of your friends.

You’ll notice that the number of impressions will vary from post-to-post on your fb biz page. Let me explain why there is a difference in the number of facebook impressions on your business page from one update/link/etc to another:

The more interaction your business page post generates, the more likely it is to show up as "top news" in the "top news" feed. Since many people have "top news" as their default Facebook feed, you have the potential to generate many more impressions with a business page update with interaction (likes/comments) than a business page st…

{A Few Online Friends Who've Inspired Me} - A "Be Inspired Wednesday" post

It’s a special “Be Inspired” Wednesday for us.  The timing is wonderful, given that Thanksgiving is tomorrow!
I’ve been very lucky to have surrounded myself with talented, creative, artistic, and just all-around amazing friends.  Many I found through Twitter, the e-course I took, local networking events, and friends-of-friends.  I talked a little about this on Monday (on meeting new people/making new friends).
I continue to be inspired by you all.  You are always turning out great blog posts, ideas, and tweets, and these past few days have been no exception.  There have been so many wonderful Thanksgiving-inspired creative posts that it’s difficult for me to decide which few to highlight here today.  If I missed you today, it was intentional.  I’m saving your feature for an upcoming “Be Inspired Wednesday” and will be in touch soon! Kelly Thiel (her FB, her blog, her twitter) is a sculptor and dear friend here in Charleston.  She surprised me with one of her beautiful birdies during a r…

How to Check In On Facebook Places and More About Facebook's "Modern Messaging System" - A "Facebook Friday" Post

If you've been wondering how to "check-in" via Facebook places with your mobile device, this post will walk you through the process.

How to Check In Using Facebook Places
1. Click on the Places icon from your mobile device

2. Click on "Check In"
3. Select your "place" from the list displayed, or create a new "place" if you don't find your "place" in the list displayed
4. Tag any friends that are with you at this place (optional)
5. Click on "Check In"
6. Your Facebook Places "Check In" will now be displayed on your Facebook profile for your friends to see.

A Few Helpful Links...

1. Facebook for the iPhone
2. Facebook for Blackberry and some helpful info on your update for FB Places
3. Facebook for Android

Laura Catherine Otero is a marketing professional and blogger in
Charleston, SC who has been active in social media since 2005.  If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to this blog via Email or RSS. Lau…

{How to Add Google Analytics to your Blogger Blog} - A "Tutorial Thursday" post

Today's "Tutorial Thursday" post is on "How to Add Google Analytics to your Blogger Blog". Your blogger blog comes with a small (as in very small) analytics tool to help you measure traffic.  That said, there is MUCH for information to be uncovered when you take advantage of google analytics.  This tutorial will be short and easy-to-follow.  If you’ve been saying you want to install Google Analytics but haven’t taken the time, this is a great day to follow the instructions and knock it out. I’ll be posting similar instructions for WordPress next Thursday. Just in case you were wondering, this is a free tool!
Google analytics provides you a snapshot of how many unique visitors, visits, and pageviews your blog receives each day.  It also covers traffic sources, so you’ll know how your visitors are finding your site.  Google analytics will show you whether the majority coming from facebook links, google search, twitter, another blog, etc. etc.
How to Install Google …

{Three Fun Twitter Thoughts} - A "Twitter Tuesday" Post

1. Tap into Twitter for an Artful/Art-filled Holiday!
Are you beginning (or well into) your Holiday shopping?  If so, I’d like to encourage you to support the local and US economy instead of sending those dollars overseas.  What does this have to do with Twitter?  Well, there are thousands of talented artists tweeting away about wonderful handmade holiday items. I created a list of wonderful artist friends several months ago on Twitter.  Take a moment to browse through the list.  Remember, if you start your shopping now you will have plenty of time to get everything shipped to you before the holidays.  Not to mention the creations you’ll gift will truly be one-of-a-kind and handmade
2. A Twitter Project
I have something fun on my to-do list regarding Twitter and my artist pals from Kelly Rae Roberts e-course.  I’d like to create an easy-to-browse table that lists the following:
the artist,
twitter handle,
etsy (or other) online shop,
blog, and
the type of artwork the artist creates.

This …

{How to Shorten Your Facebook Business Page URL} - A "Facebook Friday" Post

Do you manage a facebook business page? Did you know you may be able to shorten your facebook business page URL?

How to Shorten Your Facebook Business Page URL:
1. Login to Facebook

2. Paste the following address into your browser:

3. Select your business page from the drop down

4. Type in the desired username for your business page…be very careful – no misspellings or typos here. Remember Usernames can only contain A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and periods (.)

5. Click on “check availability”

6. If the page name you desire is available, a pop-up window will appear with the following information:
(page URL here) is available. Several things for you to remember:
~ You may not be able to change the username of (page name) once you set it.  It used to be forbidden, but now you can go through an application process to request a change.  No guarantees.
~ You can't transfer the ownership of a username to another party.
~ You can't violate anyone elses trademark rights.
~ If …

{How to Add a Search Box to Your Blogger Blog} - a "Tutorial Thursday" post

Today’s “Tutorial Thursday” post is a short, sweet, and often overlooked tip. Does your blog have a search box/bar that is easily located and hassle-free? 

As the items on the right-hand side of this blog have grown, my “labels”/topic list has been pushed down a bit.  This got me thinking…what if people may be overlooking this? It’s really one of the key ways to navigate my blog by topic.  When I couldn’t decide what items to shift around to move the labels up, I thought a search box could be a nice option.
Lucky for us, blogger has this covered! Adding a search box is a super simple process that takes seconds (literally).
How to add a Search box to your blogger blog 1. Login to your blogger account 2. Click on the “design” button for your blog 3. Click on “add a gadget”
4. Click the “+” sign next to “Search Box”

The search box has now been added to your blog! You may wish to rearrange your design elements so that the search box is located in your desired place on your blog.  It may default …

{How to Create a List in Twitter} - A "Twitter Tuesday" & "Tutorial Thursday" post

Are you taking advantage of the many benefits “listing” on Twitter offers? Lists are a great way to keep your tweet stream organized, since you can easily jump from one list to another. I created a “Charleston Marketers” list myself, personally adding marketing professionals in Charleston whose tweets I didn’t want to miss.  I also have created several other lists that I monitor and interact with throughout the day (See my 18 lists for some ideas).

What is a Twitter “list” and How may it benefit you?
 ~ Think of twitter lists as a way to organize/group your twitter friends.
~ You will find that as your following/those you follow grows, lists become incredibly helpful. 
~ I love how I can jump from one list to another know what to expect. Each list has a different group of wonderful people who have something special to offer.

How to Create a List on Twitter
1. Login to your Twitter account

2. Look for the "lists" drop-down on the top right-hand side of the main scree…

{How to Add Your Facebook Account(s) to Hootsuite} - A "Facebook Friday" Post

It’s our first “Facebook Friday” post.  Today’s post covers how to manage your facebook account (personal and business) in Hootsuite.  We talked about setting up your Hootsuite account for Twitter yesterday.  If you haven’t created your Hootsuite account, do that first and hop back over. J Should just take a minute or two.
Once you’ve created your Hootsuite and added Twitter, you’re ready to intergrate your Facebook account into Hootsuite.  Just below the Facebook instructions, I’ve included Facebook BUSINESS page instructions as well.  If you manage a personal and business facebook account, add your personal first, then business.  Both will come in handy!
How To Add Your Facebook Account to Hootsuite Login to Hootsuite and click on “add stream” on the top left-hand side of the page
Click on the Facebook icon on the add stream pop-up window. 
You will see a “you do not have a Facebook profile yet” message.  Click on “add profile.”
Click on the Facebook icon on the l…

{How to Setup Your Hootsuite Account} - A "Tutorial Thursday" Post

I've talked about Hootsuite in recent "Twitter Tuesday" posts.  You just can't beat the convenience of being able to schedule tweets when you'll be away from your computer or otherwise unable to tweet in real-time.  Read my post about scheduling tweets in Hootsuite if you missed it.

Today we're going to talk about how to setup your Hootsuite account.  We'll start with Twitter, and go over a few other social networks that you may wish to pull in in the coming days.  Even if you've set up your Hootsuite account for Twitter, keep reading for handy tips!

How to Setup Your Hootsuite Account (specific to "basic" Hootsuite service)
1. Signup for Hootsuite basic here:

2.After you create your account, you'll be taken to your Hootsuite "dashboard", where a window will pop-up prompting you to "add twitter profile".

3. Click on "connect with Twitter"

4. A popup window will appear asking …