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2011: Blog Year in Review

Another year is ending – these “year in reviews” are always joyful for me.  Do you enjoy the feeling of a fresh new year ahead? I know I do.  Usually before the New Year I do some blog housekeeping – including updating my bio and navigation bar.  You’ll notice the themed days-of-the-week nav buttons got a make-over.  Since I moved my motivational/inspirational posts over to my personal blog, they don’t need a home in the navigation here anymore. Of course, Twitter posts, Facebook tips and my step-by-step tutorials still have a home here.  “Twitter Tuesday” is now called “Twitter Tips” and “Facebook Friday” is called “Facebook posts”.  Same great content, just a new name.
If you’re looking for some of your old favorite motivation/inspiration posts, you’ll find them over on my personal blog,  Now, Let’s have a look at 2011!

2011 Blog Highlights:

Twitter tips galore on this blog – it was the year of Twitter for me -  including several tweetups planned and hosted (love th…

New Look for Twitter Announced

Do you tweet? If you follow my blog regularly, you know I'm a huge fan of twitter.  In fact, I've made nearly ALL of my friendships in Charleston through the beauty of Twitter.  So much so, that I co-founded a Tweetup group with Liz Deloach and Melissa K.  I also count Twitter as a blessing, since I met Diane Gottsman  and Jacqueline Whitmore there. 

If you've tweeted for some time, you're used to design changes and new features every now and then.  I have always enjoyed the upgrades and am hopeful that the latest round of changes are great improvements. 

Here's a quick video that Twitter shared to walk people through the latest changes.  It's here for those reading by email.  Enjoy, and thanks to Ashley Caldwell for tweeting about the changes.

Laura Catherine Otero is a marketing professional and blogger in Charleston, SCwho has been active in social media since 2005.  If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to this blog via Email or RSS. Laura c…

Facebook Insights Update: How to Export Old Insight Data (by December 15, 2011)

Do you use Facebook Insights? It’s a helpful tool that tells you how many people are visiting your business page each month. It also gives you the number of post views, the kinds of users your page has, and the most popular interactions, among other things.

Today I’m sharing a Facebook Insights update.  Here’s the scoop: on December 15, 2011, the “old” Facebook Insights tool will stop collecting data. Instead, the new “Pages Insights” will be the go-to tool for analytic information on your biz page.

All old insight data will be deleted on 12/15, so Facebook recommends that you login to the “old” insights before then and export anything that you want to keep. I’m sure the “new” insights tool will offer even more data and become one of your favorite tools!

Since I’m not sure what will stay and what will go, I recommend logging into your old insight data before 12/15 and doing a few exports of the various insights (overview, users, and interactions) so that you’ll have the information ha…