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On my personal blog I recently shared a few eco-loves of mine.I discovered an eco website that I thought you would really enjoy called Recyclebank. I think you’re going to love the site…especially the perks they offer.
To put it quite simply, you get eco-educated in exchange for Recyclebank points that are easily redeemed for free products and services. Trust me, the freebies are worth it.Great discounts at restaurants and stores, plus totally free products and services.Think InStylemagazine and $15 off purchases of $30 at, to name a few.
The beauty of Recyclebank is that the eco-education you get (whether well-intended or simply to earn discounts) starts to have a measurable impact on your life and the choices you make.Speaking for myself personally, Recyclebank has truly elevated how eco-conscious I am as I go about my routine.I am delighted that the information I’ve read on the site is actually impacting my day-to-day activities and decisions.At first, the shift was sligh…

Featured App: iFontMaker (via Brit + Co)

I recently came across the Brit + Co and fell in love! If you haven't visited, here's a snippet from their "About" page regarding what to expect:

Started by Brit Morin, Brit + Co. is a lifestyle brand that provides the digital generation with savvy shortcuts for their online and offline lives.
The Brit + Co blog was an immediate add to my Feedly reader.  The screengrab below captures the fun over on her blog...everything from apps to gift wrap in one place. 

In today's post, I wanted to share an app with you that was just featured over at Brit + Co, just in case you aren't a reader over there yet. 

The font is called iFontMaker, and it allows you to turn your own handwriting into a font in a matter of minutes.  I've had a love-hate relationship with typography for years...recognizing the power it holds but not always being able to harness it well! In the past year, I've given myself permission to experiment with typography a bit more, and have even cr…