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How Have Your Online Habits/Usage Changed?

photo by vivekchugh
A poll that was posted on Twitter today by @ConnectionMaven got me thinking…probably because the answer isn’t as clear cut as it used to be!Here’s the question:
What do you refer to first in the morning? E-mail? Facebook? News? Take our poll & let us know. (poll link)

What’s your answer?Here's mine...
5 years ago, I went “online” first thing in the morning on a home computer. Typically news sites were first, then email and maybe even youtube or (eek) Myspace?

4 years ago, I still went online first thing, but it was to news websites, then facebook (? – around that time) maybe email.

3 years ago, I stopped going on our home computer and started checking my email (usually work email first) on my blackberry in the early a.m. I’d then check my igoogle page (which I still use but in a different way) where I had my various RSS blog and site feeds coming into one place.

2 years ago, I checked email on my blackberry, then facebook using the facebook app…