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New logo and website design to share: Life, Love and Waffles

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with a smart, sassy and savvy college grad named Teddie.  Fast forward to just a few years later - we have both grown so much.  Teddie is on quite an adventure right now - in Belgium! - and I know you'll want to come along and learn more about her fabulous journey.
I had the pleasure of designing her logo and blog.  She was a dream client and I really felt like knowing and "getting" her guided me in the design process.

Allow me to introduce you to Teddie's blog: Life, Love & Waffles.  Stop by for a visit, and tell her I sent you! xo

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Takeaway #2 about the new timeline for pages format on Facebook: Default Tabs

The second takeaway from the webinars I attended last week regarding the new Facebook timeline format: we can no longer use a “welcome” or other tab/screen as the default landing screen in the new Facebook timeline format for pages.  Instead, your cover photo and wall will be the first thing people see.  This doesn’t mean these custom tabs are going away – it just means we’ll have to drive traffic to them in a different way.

It’s time to really focus on a strategy for the cover photo, since what you place in that space is a big part of people's first impression of your brand/business.

Just to recap from my last post re: the cover photo, here are a things to consider:
• Your cover photo can’t include price or purchase information about your products or services
• Your cover photo can’t include any contact information about your brand
• Your cover photo can’t include a call-to-action (“like us for a chance/coupon/special offer…” etc.)

I like the nice width on the cover photo, and belive …

The New Facebook Timeline for Pages Takeaways

I attended two webinars on Friday about the new Facebook timeline format for pages. By now you’ve likely heard that Facebook will be rolling out this new(est!) format on March 30, 2012 for all Facebook pages.

By now I’m used to “new” formats on Facebook and Twitter (and YouTube and beyond) – I don’t think the upgrades will ever go away. Just like a website should be fluid and always in the process of one update or another, changes in functionality and usability are just a part of the online (mobile, appified, etc.) world we live in. Instead of getting frustrated or overwhelmed, I try to approach the upgrades as just that – upgrades.

The list of changes coming with the latest Facebook upgrade is long enough that I’m going to devote a few posts to them instead of packing it all into one long post. Plus, Mashable and so many other tech bloggers will create catchy lists that will summarize everything for us in the coming weeks. For now, we’re all here to process the information and approa…

Facebook Timeline for Pages: What to Expect, Plus iGoogle News

Lots going on in the online world this week!

Of course, the big Facebook timeline for pages announcement spread quickly across the www yesterday. I’ve been using the timeline format on my personal page since it was released to developers and will be attending a free webinar from Wildfire app to learn about the changes coming for pages when it comes to the new format.

If you manage a page on Facebook, I’d recommend you join in on the Wildfire: Timeline for Brands call (Friday, March 2 at 1 pm EST) as well! It’s free and will give you a head start on the new changes.

Topics planned for the call include:

• The 6 major changes every marketer needs to know when updating their brand profiles to Timeline

• How to best capture visitors' attention on your page after its Timeline makeover

• Ways to feature important content and tell the story of your brand

• How to re-think engagement applications within the new layout without losing everything you've built

Also, we’ll surely also see detaile…