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How to Change Your Default Fonts on Your Blog

You may be interested to learn that you have new font options for your blogger blog!  This is great news for many of us, who’ve enjoyed a similar feature over on WordPress for quite some time.
I’m sharing instructions today (on this “Tutorial Thursday”) on how to change your fonts on your blog.  Have fun and enjoy your font facelift!
How to Change Your Fonts on Your Blog
Login to your blogger accountClick on “design” from your dashboardClick on “template designer”Click on “advanced
You’ll see the different font areas of your blog (body text, background, links, etc).  Click on each font area you’d like to select a new font.  To the right, select the new font you’d like to use.  The neat part here is you can “preview” what the new font will look like.  Simply look below on your blog as you click on various fonts, and you’ll see the changes.  Don’t worry, nothing is applied until you click on “apply to blog” on t…

How to Import Contacts on Twitter

Did you know you can import contacts from Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn, and Aol on Twitter? It’s “Twitter Tuesday,” and I would like to give a shout-out to a brand-new Tweeter, @NapkinWizard, before I share a handy tutorial on how to import contacts on Twitter.

It’s been so much fun for me to help Jimmy (@NapkinWizard) discover the many great features of Twitter.  I’ve written about getting started on Twitter here before, along with nearly 30 other Twitter-related posts, so you can tell it’s something that I truly see the benefit in and enjoy using.   I set Jimmy’s Twitter account up for him, and then we spent a little over an hour on the phone walking through the various features of Twitter so he could begin to feel comfortable with tweeting.  It was such fun to hear him “get it” when walking through the space.  
One thing we talked about was how to “find” people to follow on Twitter.  Where do you start? I recommend looking for your personal friends/colleagues on Twitter first.  Have you do…

Surprise: A Blog Redesign and Website Launch!

If you're reading this post on my blog today, you may be surprised (hopefully pleasantly, smile) by the updated look.  It's something I've wanted to do for months! I've spent so much time on other projects and knew my baby (this blog) was in need of some updating.  I wanted it to be something that didn't feel forced, and man, oh man, it's really hard to take a step back and look at your own blog/brand.  Creating inspired design for others comes much easier!

Since most of my business is referral (not to mention staying busy with my part-time job, jewelry/art, family, etc.) I was hesitant to have an "official" website for myself.  Talk about ironic! I knew I needed one, and one that I was proud of.

Magic happened this week and I quietly worked away at the updated design and website launch late into the evenings.   I'll be updating my FB and Twitter pages this weekend to reflect the new design.

For now, please visit my official website and be sure to …

Things to Consider Before You Name Your Business

I don't know about you, but I love a good checklist! I suppose you may have figured that out, since I love to make lists! Goal lists, dream lists, to-do lists, etc. I'm sharing my list of "Things to Consider Before You Name Your Business" as my "Tutorial Thursday" post today. Although it's not technically a tutorial, I think a checklist qualifies!  

Even a few years ago, most people were doing a good job if they were checking to make sure their biz name URL was available before selecting their business name.  Today, there are a few other important things to consider, thanks to the importance of social media and the way folks are using it. 

Things to Consider When Naming Your Business

1. Determine the top search terms/trends related to your business category.  Do you know what search terms people are using most often when searching in your business category? Google has an amazing tool to help with this, called Google Insights for Search! Use Goo…

Tsunami/Earthquake Tweets and Making a Difference

Today’s “Twitter Tuesday” will be focused twitter accounts/tweets helping to spread the word/make a difference in reference to the Japan tsunami/quake disaster. 
There are several hashtags being used on Twitter for the Japan tsunami/quake, including: #helpJapan #tsunami #Japan #prayforJapan #earthquake
@AlertNet, the world’s humanitarian news site, set up a page to pull together the various tsunami related tweets/photos tweeted in LIVE time.  Visit the page:

If you haven’t already, please consider texting REDCROSS to 90999 from your mobile device.  You’ll get a text back right away asking you to confirm your $10 donation.  Your donation will automatically come out of your next cell phone bill.
Counting Our Blessings... Laura

Laura Catherine Otero is a marketing professional and blogger in Charleston, SC who has been active in social media since 2005.  If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to this blog via E…

How to Add Pages to Blogger Blog: A "Tutorial Thursday" Post

If you have a blog on, did you know that you have the ability to create several “pages” within your blog? Adding pages makes your blog look and feel more like a website! Even better, no advanced technical ability or html knowledge is required.  In today's "Tutorial Thursday" post we'll cover how to add pages to your blogger blog. 
How to Add Pages To Your Blogger Blog: Login to BloggerClick on “settings” from your dashboardClick on the “posting” tab

Click on the “edit pages” tab (this will take you away from your blank post, which is OK)Click on “new page” button.  You can add up to 10 stand-along pages to your blog!Name your page and enter your copy.  The blogger tools you know and love are still available to you…adding photos, links, etc.
Tip: click on “post options” below the post copy to turn comments on or off for each of your pages.  Click on “publish page”.You’ll have three options f…

The Facebook Sweepstakes Journey is Wonderful!

Last week on “Facebook Friday” we talked about Facebook sweepstakes.  You may recall something caught my attention as I was researching the ins and outs of holding a sweepstakes on facebook…
“The facebook business page that offers contests/special promotions has (on average) twice as many fans as the facebook business page that does not.”
Wow! This continues to impress and amaze me. Even better, running a sweepstakes on Facebook doesn’t have to be expensive! Sure, there are always the total bells-and-whistles upgraded features for top dollar amounts (thousands), but you can run a week-long sweepstakes with Wildfire app for less than $50 (at the time of this post). I wanted to run a sweepstakes, and I was buzzing with ideas on how I could try this awesome application out!   The timing just happened to be perfect (totally meant-to-be) for me to create a facebook sweepstakes for my dear friend Kelly Thiel.

Kelly launched her new logo and look this week. I had the privilege of being the desi…