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Top Facebook Posts of 2010 on this blog: A "Facebook Friday" post

It’s our last Facebook Friday together in 2010. Have you reflected on your use of Facebook in 2010, and how it’s changed your day-to-day life?

In looking back over a year of Facebook posts on this blog, here are some of my observations.
My First FB Post in 2010… In March I posted a few of my thoughts on being incentivized to become a “fan” of a business on FB. 
Today, I don’t typically question whether or not I am willing to “like” a business on FB, as long as I enjoy or have an interest in the company’s products/services. In fact, I’ve liked hundreds (literally) of businesses on FB since March.  Many of those are creative (art-related) businesses that I met through Kelly Rae’s course. Have you noticed you’ve “liked” more businesses in recent weeks/months as well?
Do Facebook Tips from April 2010 Still Apply? In April, I posted 10 tips on Improving your Facebook Business Page (called a Fanpage then). Most of these tips still apply for now.  We all know there are pretty big changes coming f…

How to Change Twitter Design Colors: A "Twitter Tuesday" Post

As many “Twitter Tuesday” posts that I’ve shared with you, I’m amazed at how each week, I always have something new to share. Today’s post is something I re-discovered a few days ago, after making tweaks to my own Twitter background.

I kept the same beach photo I’d taken last summer as my main background, because it fits Charleston and it fits me. What’s new? We’ll, with the #NewTwitter moving the bio front and center, it seemed a bit repetitive to include the same few sentences about myself over in the new, more narrow space to the left of the main Twitter area. So, I took that away and decided instead to place more photos vertically in the far left background space.  

Since I was making this update, I had a few photos taken of myself over the holiday break that I plugged in.  I'm a girl, and we care too much about our hair sometimes.  Mine is less red and longer, and since I meet many people locally through Twitter, I want to "look" as close to my profile pic as I can.…

A #NewTwitter Background Design to Share on this "Twitter Tuesday" Together

It’s “Twitter Tuesday” during an incredibly busy holiday week for many of us! My family is no exception, but I still wanted to stop by and share some Twitter goodness with you.

I’ve shared a few Twitter background designs with you recently, and wanted to share one I designed today. This one is extra-special to me.  I'll be writing about the reasons why tomorrow in a "Be Inspired Wednesday" post, so please come back for the details. :)

This one is for Historic Columbia Foundation. If you visit the HCF website, you’ll see that the Twitter background is very similar in terms of design. The neat part is how I was able to move things around just a bit to really “fit” well with the #NewTwitter specs.

For those who Tweet, please consider following Historic Columbia Foundation  Don't forget to follow me there, too @LauraCatherineO). Also, as much as I post about Twitter, I’m still learning new things! One of those is that you can customiz…

The "New Facebook" Business Page Layout: How to Get Notified of Facebook Business Page Activity (Comments, Likes, Wall Posts, etc.) - A "Tutorial Thursday" Post

I happened to be on Facebook the evening of 12/16/2010 when the "New Facebook" (or #NewFacebook for us tweeters) was prematurely pushed LIVE for a short period of time (around 40 minutes).  The post below describes what I saw and includes a sneak peak of some (expected) new features.  According to Facebook (courtesy of, "Facebook accidentally went live with a handful of prototype features earlier today, including a site-wide yet short-lived overhaul of Pages. Roughly 45 minutes after the mistaken update, Facebook disabled the site, reverted back to its previous state and then tweeted apologetically about the downtime. But that brief span of time was enough for Facebook members and Page admins to get a sneak peak at new features in the works."

If you're curious about what I saw, the post is below.  Following the tutorial is still a bit premature...stay tuned for updates!

Original Post (12/16/2010):
Facebook Launches New Business Page Format to Include…

Your Facebook Business Page Impression Questions Answered...A "Facebook Friday" Post

It’s another “Facebook Friday” together, and Facebook has again made the headlines this week with their “new profile” format upgrade.  Since I try to share online news/tips with you as they happen, I posted the info on this change on Monday. If you missed it, hop over to that post here.

Today, I'd like to touch back on Facebook business page impressions.  You shared some great questions/comments on my facebook impressions post from a few weeks ago. I’d like to highlight the most common question below, and share my response.  If you missed my post on analyzing Facebook business page impressions, it’s over here.  Also, please send in any other questions you may have via a comment below. Thanks!


Can you please explain to me where the number of [Facebook business page] impressions is coming from? I know nothing about marketing but I have a photography business page. I have 656 people who like me, so I understand that when I make a post, I would get 656 impressions f…

How to Change Your Twitter Background: A "Tutorial Thursday" Post

It's been quite a busy week for us on this blog! If you visited on Tuesday, you noticed that my #NewTwitter background design post was updated with a handy new guide and example for you. I can't say enough about how much fun my first "Be Inspired Wed" spotlight interview with Jescalyn was yesterday. A must-read (here)!

Onto today's post...
If you've designed your new background, you may find yourself needing a quick refresher on how to update your twitter background (meaning, now that you've designed a new background, how to you upload the new background to Twitter). Today's "Tutorial Thursday" is short and sweet. Be sure to visit tomorrow for an exciting "Facebook Friday" post. I feel a little silly with my themed days, but they are truly proving to be helpful for me and for you.  Thanks for reading!

PS - You may notice the comments on this blog have changed.  I'm testing out IntenseDebate.  It allows me to reply to individual …

An Update to A Top Twitter Post - This "Twitter Tuesday"

It’s “Twitter Tuesday”.  For this second time now, I’ve updated my post about how to layout your background to fit the new Twitter format.  This post has continued to be one of my most viewed posts on this blog, so I make a point to read over it every month or so to make sure it is still current.  I also try to improve it and make it even more helpful for readers.  I used the updated guide to design a Twitter background for Charleston Wedding Studio.  I'm sharing the background I designed for this fab studio (below the guide) to give you a few creative ideas on how to utilize the space.  As you can see, there is still plenty of room to get your message across.

I created an actual-size background with blocks of color for each of the designated areas.  Each block has the pixel dimensions clearly written on top.  I also took out the screengrabs where I compared “old” verses “new” and instead focused more on the “new”. 
My hope is that you can download the background pic and use it as a…

The New Facebook Profile: A Tour of the Changes

Have you upgraded your Facebook profile to “The New Profile” yet? On Sunday, December 5th, a post about the changes was made on the Facebook blog here: Facebook writes “You can upgrade immediately orlearn moreabout the new features on this”.  I upgraded my profile and will share the 5 areas Facebook highlighted as having been changed with this new upgrade. (If you are here for a "Motivation Monday" holiday post, not to worry...I posted that early this morning as well. You can find it here.)
The New Facebook Profile Change/Upgrade #1:
Your Profile Summary/Introduction
"Your profile begins with a quick summary of who you are, from what you're doing now to where you grew up. Update your profile to give friends the most current information about you."

The New Facebook Profile Change/Upgrade #2:
Your Tagged Photos
"Recently tagged photos show friends what you've been up to. Y…

Facebook Business "Page Badge" and "Like Box" Explained - Do You Know the Difference?

If you manage a Facebook business page, you may have already begun looking for a facebook widget of some sort that would allow people to “like” your business page without having to leave your blog or website.  When I began this search several months ago, I found more options than I realized existed.  It was (honestly) a bit confusing. 
In today’s “Facebook Friday” post, I’m going to explain the difference between the Facebook “Like Box” (not to be confused with the “Like Badge”) and the Facebook Business "Page Badge" (not to be confused with the “Profile Badge").  See, isn’t it just a little confusing? Don’t’ll know the difference once you finish reading this post.
First, the “Page Badge”
What is it? Think of a page badge as a summary of your facebook business page.  It includes things like your biz page name, number of fans, biz page profile pic, and recent status updates.  Note: the “Page Badge” does not come with a “like” feature…meaning, people can’t one-c…