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Incentives for Facebook “Fans”

Have you noticed how many companies are offering incentives for Facebook "fans"? I've seen such a trend that it seems you could get a free coupon, discount, product, etc. just about every day on Facebook if you play your cards right.

I've heard arguments that some may feel this is bribery and portrays false loyalty that may quickly fade after the freebies stop coming. Others have felt it is worth the time and cost to gain a new "fan" base. At first, I leaned towards agreeing with these arguments. Over time, my thoughts on this have evolved.

I am guilty myself of becoming a "fan" of a product on Facebook to get a free discount/coupon or sample. Perhaps it is due, in part, to the economy. After all, I certainly wasn't using coupons or getting excited about free samples a year ago. I don't become a fan of just anything to get a freebie, but if it is a product I have used in the past or have an interest in trying, I will often become a fa…

Top 10 Companies Doing it Right on Twitter

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Read about the Top Ten companies who are using Twitter right, according to Web Digest for Marketers.

The Marketer's Social Media Cheat Sheet (thanks Twittown!)

This is one of the best roadmaps to social media that I've come across in a long time! This one's going on my wall for sure. :)


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