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Think VIDEO - A success story

Are you thinking VIDEO?
One of the things that always amazes me is seeing a YouTube video with plays in the MILLIONS.  Don't think it's something you can accomplish? With the right vision, it's possible. One of my video brainchildren has been seen more than 1.7 million times.  And I was just getting started on YouTube. I worked at the best CVB in the country and wanted to somehow showcase the fantastic shopping that can be found in Columbia, SC.  The fantastic Zero Gravity production team shot and edited the video for us.

Tip: Think TUTORIAL when it comes to shooting a YouTube video.  What do you have to offer that others may be searching for? For the CVB, it was "how to tie a bow tie".  For you, it may be "how to restore an old photograph" or "how to make a bridal bouquet on a budget". 

We shot 4 or 5 videos that day.  4 are in the low thousand plays, one is at 1.7 MILLION.  Think big!

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