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Wordpress Platform - RSS/Email Feed Remain the Same :)

I have a new home! Thanks to the beauty of Feedburner, if you subscribe by email or RSS, you'll automatically be subscribed to my new feed and may not even notice a difference! I'm writing this post to let those of you who have bookmarked this blog via "Favorites" or by typing in the website URL that I'm moving to a new platform and home for this blog, Instead of simply redirecting the MarketingWithLaura URL to this Blogspot blog, I've made the switch to a self-hosted Wordpress space. 

After running multiple sites and blogs on Wordpress for the past several years, I was hesitant to move this blog over to the more robust platform even though I had that nagging feeling that it was what was best.  After moving my sweet friend Kelly's blog from Blogger to Wordpress just a few weeks ago, I was inspired.  It wasn't as complicated as it seemed a few years ago.  In fact, it could be done in a day!

Wordpress offers an almost infinite nu…