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How to Give Someone "+K" on


Alesya *Dreams Big* and Launches Alesya Bags to the World

Have you been following Alesya Opelt of Alesya Bags in Charleston, SC? Her stylish laptop bag business, Alesya Bags, launches TODAY to the world! I admire Alesya for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the way that she openly shares her entrepreneurial journey by way of her blog. Readers get an inside look every step of the way, and Alesya is always honest, always open, and always captivating.

Alesya and I met through the Twitterverse (yet another reason to get started on Twitter if you haven’t yet), and I’m eternally grateful that we did! We exchanged tweets back and forth before agreeing to meet for coffee. At the time, I was working on my jewelry designs, and Alesya was building her bag business.

The first time we met, we talked for well over an hour. I instantly liked her. She was SO approachable, and underneath, I knew there was a brilliant woman building an empire. Yes, I said empire. You see, Alesya dares to dream, and to *dream big*. She’s inspired me in many ways, and y…

Do you follow @tiglu?

One of my twitter friends, @tiglu wrote an amazing post on “Getting the Most out of Twitter”.  Tim & I have never met in person, but have exchanged tweets back and forth over the past year or so.  I’m not sure how we found each other’s tweets, but I’m glad that we did.  Tim also shares podcasts, something that I have not done yet.  I can relate to Tim’s post about people’s reactions to Twitter.  I am used to folks saying “isn’t that just a site where you talk about what you had for breakfast?” or something along those lines.   I usually answer that Twitter has evolved a sophisticated networking tool that connects people all around the globe.  I then go onto to say that nearly all of my friends in Charleston have been made on Twitter.  Wow! Without further ado, hop over to Tim’s post! You’ll be glad you did!

Laura Catherine Otero is a marketing professional and blogger in Charleston, SC who has been active in social media since 2005.  If you enjoyed this post, please consider sub…

I'll Be Hosting a Webinar Today at 3 pm with @EtiquetteExpert

I met the lovely and talented "Etiquette Expert" Jacqueline Whitmore during an etiquette tweetup last summer.  Today (Thursday, June 23) I have the honor of leading a webinar with Jacqueline on Social Media. The topic is "10 Tips To Developing Your Brand Online".   If you're reading this post by email, I'm happy to share that the audio from the call will be available for purchase after the webinar.  Details below.

10 Tips To Developing Your Brand Online with Laura Otero:
If you've entered (or are entering) the world of social media, this conference call is for you! Have you watched as others soar in their social media efforts, while your social media presence isn't experiencing such growth? Or, are you just getting started with marketing your business online and not sure where to go or which profile to create next? Laura Otero will teach you the tips and tricks to branding yourself and your business online.

Participants will learn:
* How create and nam…

Video Post: Setting Up Your Background for the New Twitter

Happy "Twitter Tuesday"! I created a YouTube video on creating your very own #NewTwitter background.  This video was inspired by my tutorial post, which continues to be one of my top blog posts.  When Twitter moved to what they call the "New Twitter" or "#NewTwitter" format, the background changed a bit for users.  Although the overall space is the same, you'll find that you have a bit less space on the far left and right hand side of the page.  This is important to note, especially for those of us who placed photographs or text (like a phone number) in this area.  It may be a good idea to take a careful look at your background on Twitter and see if it's in need of some freshening up to better fit the new specs.

For those reading by email, the video can be found here:

All others may wish to watch below.  Thanks for visiting!

Laura Catherine Otero is a marketing professional and blogger in Char…

My Klout Perk Arrived! Have You Created Your Free Klout Account Yet?

What is Klout? Klout identifies influencers on topics across the social web. I wrote about my experience with this service in this post last September. Since that time, they've expanded their services to integrate your LinkedIn and Facebook business page activity into your Klout score.  If you haven't created an account on Klout yet, I'd encourage you to do so! The process is super easy and they integrate your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn info effortlessly.

Your Klout Analysis  Includes:

Your true reachYour amplificationYour networkYour topic summaryYour top retweetsMost popular links sharedYour influence "matrix"Your content analysisWho you are influenced byWho you are an influencer ofA Klout Perk
I received a notification from @KloutPerks that my "Klout" had earned me a goodie pack from the new TNT series "Franklin & Bash".  I wasn't sure what this was about but I thought it was pretty neat of Klout to offer this to a select number of the…

How to Setup Your Facebook Email Address

Do you have your own Facebook email address yet? Today's "Facebook Friday" post will show you how to set-up your Facebook email address.  This is a simple tutorial and should only take a few minutes if you haven't already set your Facebook email address up. Thanks for reading!

How to Setup Your Facebook Email Address:1. Login to Facebook
2. Visit
3. Go to your Messages view and click the "Claim your Facebook email" link.
4. According to Facebook, "Your email address will match your public username, for example:
If you don’t have a username yet, you can choose one when you create your email address."

Facebook writes, "Once you set up your email address, people can email you using any traditional email system (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail), and the emails will be delivered to your Facebook Messages. When you send messages to external email addresses,…

How to Create a Custom Screen or Tab to your Facebook Business Page

If you’re interested in adding a custom tab (no longer called a welcome screen) to your Facebook business page, I've posted the updated tutorial below (updated April 2012).  Before you jump into the tutorial, there are just a few items to talk about first!

What Graphics Program Should I Use?

Onto the graphics programs you may want to helps if you can create your welcome graphics in Photoshop, but you can make do with other graphic programs on your computer if needed or look free web-based graphics programs.  Just remember to size your welcome graphic at 825 pixels wide (much larger than the 515 pixels it used to be!) for it to fit nicely in the welcome area provided by Facebook.

What if I want my Custom Tab/Screen to have Clickable Buttons?
Custom coded pages are always nice, because this allows you to make your graphics clickable to various pages/places (even outside of Facebook). That said, a nice static image can also serve you well until you can pursue a custom coded wel…

A Real-life Example

I used to make new connections this past week! A few weeks ago I shared a post and video with you about (post here). has to be one of my favorite tools offered by Twitter! I am posting again today about this great tool in the hopes that you'll take a few of my recent real-life examples and put them into practice for yourself. :)  At the end of this post, you'll find easy-to-follow instructions on how you can get started with this great tool.

Two ways I used last week:
1. I have a love of the arts and am always looking to connect with other folks in Charleston who share this same appreciation.  I used last week to find other twitter users within 25 miles of my zipcode who were tweeting about the Spoleto Festival.  I then followed those folks who seemed to be a match with some of my interests.  How did I determine this? Well, I visited her/his profile to learn a little mo…