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Twitter Launches "Recent Images"

I'm here to share a #twitter feature that has left me feeling a bit uplifted and inspired.  I think it makes great sense for today, even if it may not be officially "Twitter Tuesday" for us here in this space.

Have you noticed Twitter's latest feature? It appears as "recent images" on the left-hand side of the user profile.  You can get a sneak peek below.  Then, if you click on "view all", a page is filled with a collection of the images you've most recently shared.

I'm sharing my most recent images below.  I don't know about you, but I like the picture that this slice of me paints.  I think it shows that I'm a woman exploring her way through life with the help of art and inspiration.  Color, faces, light, happiness. 

Take a look at your images.  What are they saying about you?  It's a fun exercise! I hope your images line up with your heart and your goals.  If they don't, it may be time to regroup.

Have a great day!


How to Change the Number of Posts that Appear on My Blogger Blog Homepage

One of my amazing artist friends Mary Beth Volpini asked me a question today that I thought could make a neat “Tutorial Thursday” post.Her question was about changing the number of posts that display on her blog homepage.So, today I wanted to share the few simple steps to change this number.  If you aren't using blogger or don't need to change this setting, be sure to scroll to the end of this post to get a peek at MB's art!
How to Change the Number of Posts that Appear on My Blogger Blog Homepage
Login to BloggerClick on “Settings”.Click on the “Formatting” tab and look for the first item, which says “show at most”.
Change the number from the dropdown to the number of posts you’d like to display on your main page.Be sure to click on “Save Settings” at the bottom of the page.You’re all set!
Be sure to visit Mary Beth’s blog.She is an “artist, designer and mom…redesigning her life after cancer”.Mary Beth is “Drawn to Color” and you’ll surely be touched by he…

Twitter Tuesday Tip: "Browse Interests" Tool

Let's talk about finding new tweeps by using the "browse interests" tool.  Last "Twitter Tuesday" we talked about growing your network on Twitter by using the "who to follow" and "others like you" tools. If you missed the post, it's over here

First, how do you get to this tool?  You click on "view all" just below the "who to follow" suggestions on your home screen on Twitter.  From here, click on the "browse interests" tab. This is where you can click on the category that most appeals to you.

One of my suggested interest categories was "art & design".  I can click on "view all" next to "art and design" and Twitter has a list of 59 tweeps who fit into this category that I may be interested in following.

Today's exercise: Explore the "browse interests" tool on Twitter to connect with a few new and interesting tweeps today.  Time spent: approx. 15 minutes.

Good …