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Starbucks to run world's biggest Facebook ad campaign to date

Seth Godin's Top 10 Things Your Company Can Do to "Catch Up" if You've Been Without a Real Online Strategy

A must read...@sethgodins


I have a new favorite video about social media ROI for businesses:

Great Video on Registering Your Business with Google Local Business Center

I just came across this great video (via @socialnettool) that explains how to register your business with Google Local Business Center. I posted how-to instructions a few weeks ago, and love this video!

How You (or Your Business) Can Benefit from Twitter

Many people have heard about Twitter, but may not understand how it can be effectively used. So, what exactly is Twitter? Is it just a website where you can tell the world what you are doing second-by-second every day? It must be more than that, right?

The short definition of Twitter is that it is a form of social micro-blogging. What this means is that Twitter provides a way for you to connect with people from around the world who share your same interests and goals. What happens after you "connect" is usually a mutally-beneficial exchange of information and ideas.

1. Your first step is to create a twitter account. Go to and click on "Sign up Now".
The sign up process only takes a few minutes. You'll need to provide your full name, create a username, provide your email, and create a password. That's it!

Your username appears in your twitter URL (mine is For this reason, try not to pick a username that is too …

Top 10 Trends for Retail Marketing in 2010 (courtesy @TheBlakeProject)

I came across a post from The Blake Project on Twitter that was too timely not to share...

We have all seen how the web has truly transformed the way that consumers research, share, and make purchasing decisions.

After you have read the top 5 trends, continue reading The Blake Project article for the full list of 10 trends.

Read Trends...

@holykaw: 29 Ways to Force a Change of Habit

I came across an article on Twitter this morning (thanks @guykawasaki)about "29 Ways to Force a Change of Habit". What bad habits have you resolved to change? For many of us, we spend a significant time online each day. This time is often split between sending and receiving work-related emails, staying up-to-date on industry news, spending time researching online, and staying connected. Since such a significant amount of time is spent with our coworkers, changing habits at the workplace could be a good starting point for new behaviors/abolishing bad habits. Personally, I have noticed that when my workspace is in harmony, I come home a happier person! This leads to a more productive evening with family.

Here are my personal goals to increase my workplace productivity and grow client relationships:
1. Send an email the same day thanking a client for their time on the day that we met, followed by a handwritten note and helpful article specific to their industry and the web.


How to Register Your Business with Google Local Business Center

~ Immediately Includes a Link to your business website on Google Maps!
~ More prominence for your website!
~ Takes less than 15 minutes start to finish

Many of your future customers are using Google to find your business and make contact with you. Often these searches begin in Google, where the Google search your future customer may type in looks like this: “your company name, Charleston, SC”
Whenever a person ties a business name with a city and state, this prompts Google to FIRST display your Google maps business listing.
If you haven’t registered your business with Google maps, you are missing out on a great opportunity to quickly drive traffic to your website. You’ll notice below that before registering your website with Google maps, Google will automatically create a link to your physical address instead of your website, and will display that link below your business name instead of your website address.

Before registering your website with Google maps, your l…