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Update to Facebook URL Post

Last November I shared step-by-step instructions on how to shorten your Facebook URL.  At the time, you needed 25 fans to shorten your Facebook business page URL.  It usually didn't take long at all to get to 25 fans, but the challenge may have been remembering to go back and shorten the URL after you created the page! Thankfully, Facebook has changed their policy and now allows you to shorten your business page URL before reaching 25 fans.

Have you shortened your Facebook URL yet? It really comes in handy when you are advertising your page, via TV, radio, your biz card, print, in-person, etc!

Here is a link to the updated instructions: Enjoy!

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An observation about Hootsuite and Facebook: Impressions Up or Down?

I’ve used Hootsuite casually for some time.It's especially helpful if you manage multiple social media accounts and need to save time. That said, I still prefer to Tweet via Twitter and Facebook via Facebook, etc.There are just some features that seem to only be offered when you’re “on” the aforementioned site.For example, you can’t seem to “tag” a person or business via Hootsuite for Facebook.Same goes for adding a photo via Hootsuite for Facebook.Both of these things (tagging and adding photos) are so important to much of what I do that I end up taking the extra time to go to Facebook and not schedule many things out in advanc
That said, I am only one person! Especially at events, it’s difficult to work an iPhone, camcorder and extra camera at one time.So, until I can get a bit more help, I’ve had to schedule a few status updates and tweets out in advance for HistoricColumbia (and myself!).
I noticed something with the “new” (or newest, I suppose) Facebook and was wondering if y…