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To Allow or Not To Allow? The Facebook Subscribe Button

When I visited Facebook today, I was greeted with the following message, direct from Facebook:

It read,

New: The Subscribe ButtonNow you can let anyone who's interested subscribe to things you share publicly.
The message also included a list of my friends who were already using subscribe. 

Fellow blogger and friend Angie Mizzell recently wrote about the subscribe button, and how she'd be using it in a way that made sense for her and her friendbase.

Will you be allowing subscribers to your Facebook updates? I can't help but notice that this feels similar to Google's "circles" in a way.  Not that that is a bad thing! On Google+, you get to decide who receives the updates you share.  You first must group your friends in circles.  A friend-in-real-life circle, an acquantance circle, an I'm-not-sure-who-you-are circle, etc.  Then, when you post something, you tell Google+ who gets to see the update. 

With Facebook's subscribe button and feature, you decide if…

How to Get the New Facebook Timeline Layout BEFORE it Rolls Out

If you've been following Facebook in the media this week, you're already aware of some pretty big changes.  Some are already here, and others are on their way. If you need to get up-to-speed, read this article about the newest changes.

One of the new changes that especially intrigued me was the new "Timeline" layout.  The video below does a good job of explaining this new layout.

I was able to roll-out the new "timeline" format on my Facebook profile BEFORE it rolls out to the general public by following the steps outlined in this Mashable article.  It's 8 steps and takes a few minutes, but if you're eager to give the features a test-drive, it will get the job done.  I'll be checking out the new features today! My next post will walk you through some of the features. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at what my new profile looks like:

Have a great day, and remember to visit my personal blog, if you're looking for my lat…

Are You on Google+ Yet?

I was fortunate to get a Google+ account soon after the network launched. Here are my thoughts on the network...

At first, it was exciting to feel like I was one of the first folks in Charleston on Google+.  But, that also made it difficult to really connect with my friends (local and online), since many weren’t on the network yet and didn’t “get it”. 
Think about this: My first few weeks on Google+, I really had to sort through all my contacts to find 20 or 30 on Google+.  On Facebook, that number would have been in the hundreds, easily.

That said, the smaller “circle” wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The Google+ stream wasn’t flooded, making it easy to follow updates from others and engage in friendly conversation. Sure, I missed my Facebook friends, but is it really possible to be “friends” and engage with 900 or so folks on a regular basis?

Typically I would have written a review about Google+ right away, walking you through the features and benefits.  This time I decided to take…

Special Announcement!

It’s a big day here on the blog! I have been hinting at possible changes, but didn’t want to share all the details until everything was squared away. I also wanted to make sure all felt well since it’s a big step for me.

Since a blog about marketing isn’t quite the place to share my journey towards living an inspired life, the time has come (hooray!) to make a new home, just for that part of my writing. Not to worry, this blog isn’t going away. I’ve just decided to house the artful, creative side of my writing on my new blog, and to keep the marketing goodness and tutorials for you here in this place.
Think about this space as my marketing biz blog and my new space as my personal blog.

I’d like to invite you to come visit me in my new place, to read about my journey towards living an inspired life. That’s where I’ll be sharing my bits of motivation + inspiration, plus art journaling, photos, and wherever else this creative journey takes me! I've pulled over m…