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What is Your Klout Score? Klout for Twitter

If you are active on Twitter, have you reviewed your Klout score?

Klout "identifies influencers on topics across the social web". Yes, there are countless other websites/companies who can help you measure your so-called twitter "score" and provide you with charts/graphs about your twitter usage...but Klout is different. They have over 750 partnerships with companies like HootSuite and CoTweet. In fact, my first exposure to Klout took place on Hootsuite.
Have a new follower and not sure what their "hot topics" are? Check them out on Klout. Klout can be helpful in providing insight about a Twitter user.   It's also very helpful in analyzing your tweets and level of interaction and influence on twitter.

Your Klout score is based on much more than the number of followers have. For example, a person with 300 followers may have a higher score than someone with 3,000, because it's based on the level of true interaction you have with your followers.

Your …

New Twitter Background Design Specs (#NewTwitter Background Size)

Updated with a pixel-by-pixel breakdown for the #NewTwitter (scroll down for image) and special video with an even more detailed breakdown of this space!

If your Twitter profile background was designed to fit Twitter before the #NewTwitter format was introduced, you may need to make some changes to your design.  Your background graphics/photo(s) may look "cut off" in the #NewTwitter.  Why? The #NewTwitter 2-column format takes up more room, leaving less space for your background design. Don't have the time or software to design your own? Not to worry, just stop on over to Themeleon and build your own background.

The "New Twitter" Background Specs: At 1280 X 1024 screen size (a recommended standard size), here is the breakdown of space:

Your new background (overall)
should be set up as:
1260 pixels wide X 895 pixels tall

Let's break this new background down so you'll know how much room you have in each area:

Left-hand side of #NewTwitter background: 110 pixels…

A Logo Will Be Born...Your Feedback is Valued!

A post from my heart today...ready to make things a bit more official regarding this blog and my freelance work. Excited and scared, am hoping you can relate.

Here goes....

I'm creating a logo for this blog, and launching a new website for my freelance work. In the past, I felt a bit silly about this. Maybe I still do, just a little. It's quite ironic, actually, because if I were my own client, I would have told myself to do this long ago! There's that thing called self-doubt that nags away at me, and I'm ready to push forward and stop listening to those fears!
Why now?

Well, it's the first time I've felt that I can officially accept most freelance work without it being a conflict of interest with my employer. When I worked in tourism, it would have been a bit of a conflict of interest to seek out freelance work from our area partners. The same goes for my time in internet sales. I also have more time to manage clients and balance my time, thanks to a wond…

@Formulists – A Smarter Way to List on Twitter

I discovered @formulists a few weeks ago on Twitter. After I followed them, I noticed they followed me back and added me to their “people-who-i-recently-followed” list. Turns out, that list was automated.

What if you could create a variety of Twitter lists without having to manually “list” each of your followers? For example, I have added people to my “Charleston Marketers” list over many months and now make it a practice to “list” any new follower right away if they fit into one of my 20 list categories. If I hadn’t already listed my followers, however, it would be quite cumbersome to go through my entire list of followers (one by one) to list each person. Imagine doing this 3,000 or so times.

This is where Formulists comes in! Their Twitter bio states they are “An effortless way to filter your timeline, see who recently unfollowed you and more...right from your Twitter home page or client!”

A visit to their homepage mentions you can create customized lists that only you can see to…

Twitter Tutorial Revisited a Year Later

I posted a "Getting Started on Twitter" post in Oct. of 2009 on this blog. Nearly a year later, it was time to read back over those tips and do some updating/refining. I've learned a lot over the past year on Twitter (thanks to the help of many great friends on Twitter) and felt it was timely to review my post today.
A few things I added... - the importance of creating and using Twitter lists - How Hootsuite and/or another Twitter management tool can help you - Mentions and DMs - remembering I didn't "find" these until weeks later after my first tweet (smile) - - love that site! - How downloading a twitter app on your smart phone/ mobile device is a "DO!" - How you can import your Facebook contacts into Yahoo, and then pull them over to Twitter to make connections. This helped me find 60 FB friends on Twitter. Love. it.
Since I'll be updating the post from time to time, please visit it here so I can keep it up-to-date in one place. :)

What Twitter Has Meant to Me - 900 Tweets Later

I tweeted for the 900th time today and thought it was a good time to reflect on my twitter journey.Has my time been well spent on Twitter?Have I made any real connections or friendships?YES and YES! I’ve written about how to get plugged into Twitter before…this post instead serves as a recap of what Twitter has meant for to over the past year, living in new place.Let me set the stage to last summer…say July of 2009.I joined Twitter many months before (actually in 2007) but last summer stands out to me as a time when I really harnessed the power of Twitter to “work” for me.My reason? I was moving to a new place (Charleston, SC) and didn’t know *anyone* - very scary, indeed.

Not many people (at the time) would friend a complete stranger on Facebook, and I didn’t go that route anyway.Instead, I began looking for marketers in Charleston, SC who shared similar interests with me.There are plenty of tools that will help you target a particular geographic region, and from there, I looked for “…