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Hootsuite’s New Auto Scheduling Feature

I don’t know about you, but fall is the busiest time of year in our house! That means less time to spend on Twitter, Facebook, my blogs, etc.That said, there are many tools available online to keep your online presence going when you are running around town or jet setting (smile).

Hootsuite has been a longtime favorite of mine…they offered Facebook business page scheduling before Facebook even offered it! I also like that their dashboard allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time or separately, sending in real-time or scheduling in advance.
Hootsuite has a new feature called AutoScheduling (no space) that I just had to check out for you. Super simple…I’ll break it down for you below.

How to Use Hootsuite's AutoScheduling Feature:
Compose your tweet or status update as usual. Click on the scheduling icon (it looks like a calendar).Change “off” to “on” in the “AutoScheduling” box. Click “autoschedule”.

What happens next? How far apart will your twee…

Five Ways to Customize Your Google+ Profile

You may not be as active on Google+ as you are on Facebook or Twitter, but if you have a career in marketing, advertising, social media or other web-related fields, maintaining a presence on Google+ may be important.

Social Media Examinerreports:
When you establish a presence on Google+, build relationships there and get endorsements on the content that you share through Google+, you increase your Google search ranking.

Sure, I wish more of my Facebook friends were active on Google+, but I also enjoy that it’s a much calmer place.It’s also a great place to connect with other social media professionals who I wouldn’t necessarily “friend” on Facebook.Today I’m sharing a short tutorial on five ways to customize your Google+ profile, including the cover photo space.

Five ways to customize your Google+ profile:
(all tips accessed via “view profile>edit profile)
Keep your profile photo current, professional and inviting. To edit your profile photo, hover over the space and click “c…