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Brands Doing it Right: New Header Space on Twitter

In my last post, I shared details with you about the new header space on Twitter.Today I have a few screengrabs to share with you to get your creative juices flowing if you haven’t taken advantage of the new space yet!

1. Real Simple Magazine
Love the simple header design, and would expect nothing less from this great brand! Lemons are genius, as is using the magazine cover for their profile pic.I’d normally shy away from this, but it makes a lot of sense in the new design!

2. Mashable
Mashable did something that didn’t occur to most of us – they choose a solid-colored block for their header background.Of course, it’s no mistake the color is mashable blue.If your company is known for a signature color, perhaps the header space could be used to reinforce that brand. Or, you could even crop the background from your website to fit this space or go with a simple pattern.

3. National Aquarium
I love how The National Aquarium uses the header space to showcase what they do best with a striking ph…

How to Customize New Header Feature on Twitter

Did you know there is a new feature on Twitter with a rather simple name (called a “header”, seen above) that gives you even more room to customize your Twitter profile page? It launched this week (9/18/2012) and is a great space to further enhance your personal or biz brand!

Prominently located on the top right-hand side of your profile page, the header space measures approximately 464 pixels wide by 232 pixels tall.In other words, significantly larger than your profile photo size (in fact, as wide as your tweets displayed on your profile).
This tutorial is going to walk you through the simple process of customizing your Twitter header.After all, the more opportunities you have to set yourself apart on Twitter, the better.
How to Customize New Header Feature on Twitter
Go to Settings>Design when logged into Twitter.
Look for “header” area on right-hand side of “design” page.

Upload your header image (the space measures 464 X 232 when cropped, but Twitter recommends…

Twtvite Updated – Sleek New Features

Twtvite has gone through a major update since I used it last.In fact, I’m so impressed that I wanted to share with you here.“Twtvite” (pronounced Twit-vite) allows you to easily create and share tweetups with your followers on Twitter (and beyond).You can create a tweetup on the fly or plan one well in advance.If you haven't planned a tweetup before, you may want to read this post first.

In the past, you could add a logo and small banner to your Twtvite event invitations, but the rest of the invite was pretty generic. I’m sharing a screenshot of the tweetup I just created on their upgraded site, plus details on the upgrades below.If you’re in Charleston, be sure to join us for the September Charleston Ladies Who Lunch tweetup on 9/14 (info).

Twtvite Features I love:
Customizable background adds a sleek look – upload your own or use your twitter background.I matched the background below to the background from the Charleston Ladies Who Lunch website.Great for bran…