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To Life, To Love, To Dance: A Spring Celebration

The second post of today - and one I shared on my personal blog,  I'm sharing with you here as well and hope you enjoy the short break from marketing posts for something that will delight your soul.

The tiniest of sounds – a satin covered pointe shoe ever-so-softly tapping the floor with every Bourré she made – took me back to the time when I was a ballet dancer. I wasn’t expecting it, but I welcomed it. I was taken back to a time when I had dreams of becoming a ballerina and spent much of my high school years dancing ballet, even beginning my college career as a dance major.

Last night my family and I watched the Robert Ivey Ballet performance “To Life, To Love, To Dance – A Spring Celebration” at the Burke High School Auditorium in downtown Charleston. It was a truly delightful show that I hope to share with you. In full disclosure, I was gifted the tickets from the dance company and agreed to share my experience with you on this blog. If you live in the area, I…

New Favorites: Blogs I’m Reading

I’ve been doing some housekeeping to my trusty iGoogle reader lately.Adding in new inspirational / DIY / marketing / crafting / you-name-it blog feeds to keep me motivated and feeling creative. This reminded me that I have been thinking about sharing some of my favorite new blogs with YOU, in the hope that you'll also enjoy their offerings and spark your inner creative self.
Spending time as a designer (web, print, social, etc.) means finding colorful inspiration in sometimes surprising places is good for me.I think that’s part of the reason I enjoy DIY craft and style blogs.Lots of color, texture, creativity.Although they leave me with more than a few too many “I want to do that” projects on my list, I enjoy them!

One of my favorite new finds? A Beautiful Mess blog.She can transform a white t-shirt into a sophisticated part of your “look” or show you how to make wall art of out paint samples.
Hop over to her blog for your daily fill of creative goodness: http://abeautifulmess.typep…

Introducing Featured Apps: Diptic App

I’m excited to tell you I’m adding area of focus to my usual blog writing – favorite apps.  This is just one of the new features I'll be adding to the blog, so expect more posts and some new twists this year! Useful apps, sometimes with ties to design/marketing, sometimes those that make life more beautiful or are just plain fun! One of my favorite things to ask my tech friends when we get together is “what are your favorite apps?”  I’ve found many apps this way – sort of like an old “word of mouth” referral for a relatively new tool. 
Some of the apps I’ll be sharing are free, others are just a few dollars.  I may not cover the apps that we’ve been using and hearing about for months – unless I can think of a new twist or way to use them that we may not have thought about yet!
It’s always a bit scary when introducing a new (to this blog) concept. For some reason I feel a bit of pressure and am not sure how to launch it just right! I’m going to jump right in by sharing one of my fav…

Facebook Timeline Format - How Have You Transitioned?

With the new Facebook timeline format here, many of us have been making changes big and small.  The first change you've probably made by now is adding a cover photo.  If you haven't done this yet, refer to this post for ideas.  Even if you don't know how to size a photo, you can always upload a favorite photo and crop to fit the space. 

There is something I really like in the new timeline format that I wanted to point out.  Have you noticed that you can upload thumbnail images for your "tabs" in the new format? Before, you were stuck with whatever tiny icon came with the app or tool you used for your tab. 

Now, you've got a generous amount of space (111 X 73 pixels) to entice your page visitors to click for more! The first thumbnail is reserved for your photos, but the THREE to the right of that are yours to set-up and decide! See below (red arrows) for example.

Add what we used to call a "welcome" screen - now a custom tab of sorts.  Although you c…