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How to Earn Klout Perks

I have been a Klout enthusiast for some time now. I can’t help but excited about the freebies that I consistently receive via their complimentary “perks” program. Just today I received a $29 value hard cover photo book from as a perk! I’ve also gotten 2 free bottles of wine, a box of business cards, a leather portfolio, $20 in free jewelry and several other freebies in the past 6 months. Did I mention each only took me a few minutes to redeem? And most were totally free?!

Here’s how Klout/Klout Perks work:If you haven’t created a Klout account yet, you can do so in a matter of seconds. Simply visit and sign in with Twitter or Facebook.

Tip: You’ll want to earn “klout” for as many of your social profiles as possible (go to “settings”, then “connect networks”), so be sure to connect Faceboook, Twitter, Google+, Your Blog, Youtube channel, Instagram account and others. Each only takes a minute or two, and it will help you earn a much higher score. Worth the time, …