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Impressive Fact about Facebook Promotions: A “Facebook Friday” Post

Did you know?

The Facebook business page that offers contents/special promotions has twice as many fans as the biz page that does not.

Read that sentence one more time. Pretty impressive, don't you think? I’m sharing because it’s a revelation I’ve had this week!
Using the sweepstakes feature on Facebook isn’t limited to just sweepstakes.  In fact, if offers the following:
Sweepstakes Group DealsSign-up formsCouponsPhoto/Design ContestVideo ContestEssay-based contestQuizTriviaFavorite PicksFacebook sweepstakes are powered by a company called Wildfire App.
Interested in learning more Facebook sweepstakes? 

Be sure to stop by the official page on Facebook to “like” it, then click on “Go To App”.  ( This will bring you to the headquarters page, which is full of lots of fun promotions currently being run on Facebook.  Click on “Cr…

How to Comment on Your Facebook Business Page As Yourself (Not your Biz): A "Facebook Friday" Post

Last "Facebook Friday" I shared 5 great features of the "new" Facebook business page format.  I knew there would be more features to discover..sometimes it takes a few days of exploring to find the other fun upgrades.   Thanks to a question from my friend Liz, I came across another neat feature of the "new" Facebook business page format that we'll talk about on this "Facebook Friday".  If you haven't visited Liz's blog yet, please consider checking it out! She wrote a great article on 3 Great Ways to Comment as a Page last week.

Her question:
"Laura, question: Do you know if it's now possible to comment as you (Laura) on a page you admin (Dreamy DesignWorks)"

The answer to Liz' question:
Yes! You can comment on posts made on your Facebook business page (posts you made as your business, or posts from another visitor) as either YOURSELF (personally) or YOUR BUSINESS.  I'll walk you through the simple steps to do this …

How to Connect Your Blog to Facebook and Twitter

Have you ever wished you could automatically update Facebook and Twitter each time you publish a new blog post? Sure, you could use Networked Blogs to connect your blog to Facebook, but you’ll still be left wondering how to connect your blog to Twitter.

To make things more complicated, you want to connect your blog to Twitter, not Twitter to your blog. The same goes for Facebook. Confused yet? Thankfully, there’s a simple solution called! As I write this post, more than 2.5 million feeds are connected with this service.  I’m sharing a quick tutorial below… How to Connect Your Blog to Twitter & Facebook
Visit www.Twitterfeed.comClick on “Register Now”Complete the Sign-Up Form with your email address and password. Click on “Create Account”.Name Your Feed and paste your Feed URL.
Click on “Test RSS feed”Click on “Advanced Settings” to review the advanced options.  The default may be OK for you, but it’s worth a quick look.Click on “

The "New" Facebook Business Page Format: 5 Great Features

If you manage a Facebook Business page, you may have noticed the new Facebook business page format has been launched.  I’m walking through the changes of the new Facebook business page format below.  I think you’re really going to like the new format! Just to be informed before you officially upgrade, though, I’m walking through the features below.

Five New Features of the New Facebook Business Page Format:

Your tabs have moved. Not to worry! In the new Facebook business page format, your tabs have been moved to just below your biz page profile photo.  So, the content of the tabs is not gone, just relocated.  You will be happy to know that if you had previously created a “welcome” tab (or other customized tabs) and set one as a default, the content of that tab will still load for first-time visitors who have not yet “liked” your page.  This is wonderful!

You can now “use Facebook as a page”.  What does this mean? Well, after you login to your biz …

How to Set-Up Your iGoogle Page: A "Tutorial Thursday" Post

If you read several blogs, you may benefit from setting up an iGoogle page.  What is an iGoogle page? An iGoogle page (your very own) allows you to follow all your favorite blogs on ONE page, in ONE place.  Super-handy. It has been a true time and sanity saver for me!
I set up my iGoogle page in 2005.  My personal iGoogle page has evolved over the years (I’ve added and removed blogs as my interests have changed).  I’m sure there are new and neat features that I haven’t discovered yet.  I use it to read my fave blogs in one place. On this "Tutorial Thursday", I'm sharing a tutorial on setting up your customized iGoogle page…it’s worth the time to set-up and only takes a few minutes!
How To Set Up Your iGoogle Page Visit
Click on “Sign In” (on the top right-hand side of the page).  You’ll follow this step even if you don’t have an iGoogle account yet.
Sign in.  For those who do not have an iGoogle account, create one by clicking on “Create A…

The #Superbowl on Twitter: A "Twitter Tuesday" Post

I’m not much of a sports fan.  In fact, I don’t always remember to watch the Superbowl.  Gasp. I remember one year my sister and I went out to dinner during the Superbowl.  We couldn’t figure out why *no one* was at the restaurant.  Yep. That was us. I digress!

I was fascinated by the #Superbowl tweets this year.  My friend Alesya did an awesome job of tweeting about the Superbowl commercials.  I decided to tune in to the Superbowl and pay close attention to Twitter after I noticed her tweets.  Thanks, Alesya. I needed that!  

Five #Superbowl Twitter Observations…
Something small but still fun…I loved that Twitter created a football icon that displayed each time the Superbowl hashtag (#Superbowl) was tweeted (see the football above). I loved the excitement and “conversation” that was taking place all around the world, about the same topic.  This happens *all the time* on Twitter.  It’s one of the (many) reasons Twitter is amazing.In fact, I retweeted a few #…

How to Add Twitter Lists to Hootsuite: A "Tutorial Thursday" Post

Happy "Tutorial Thursday"! I have a Hootsuite tutorial (specific to Twitter lists) to share and hope you’ll find it helpful.  
Hootsuite is a recurring topic in this space.  I love it for social media management, and especially love the “scheduling” feature that allows me to space tweets out over the course of a day. I’ve talked about Hootsuite and it’s features over several posts in this space.  Want a quick recap? See the end of this post.  Today we’ll be talking about how to bring your Twitter lists into Hootsuite.
Why Twitter lists?  Well, if you’re following hundreds (or thousands) of folks on Twitter, you’ve probably already realized the benefits of using Twitter lists to manage those you follow.  I’ve talked about Twitter lists before, and how to create them.  
When I first started using Hootsuite, I missed my twitter lists.  I didn’t realize (at the time) that I could bring them into Hootsuite!  I’m sharing the tutorial below and hope you find it helpful.   I’ll be back…